Are You Satisfied With Your Sex Life?


Problems in your sex life can interfere with everything.

Dr. Deborah CaustHaving problems with your sexuality can interfere with everything you value most: your feelings about yourself, your partner, and your relationship.  If you are single, it may even prevent you from seeking a relationship, jeopardizing your future happiness.

Further, sexual problems can intrude on your sense of well-being, cause depression, anxiety, frustration, and hopelessness.  You may feel that there’s something wrong with you and that the underlying message in your relationship is: “we can’t make it work physically, so we can’t make it work.”

Fixing sexual problems is my specialty.

Since 1981, I have helped thousands of individuals and couples to have the best sexual life possible.  As a Board-Certified Clinical Sexologist and Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist, I have the expertise to provide effective treatment of all sexual and relationship concerns.  Therapy is interactive: I will listen to you, provide feedback, help you to understand why you are having difficulty, and use therapeutic techniques to make lasting change.

I believe that therapy should be straightforward, solution-focused, and short-term.  I want you to experience those “aha” moments, when it all makes sense.  Our sessions will be interesting and relaxed; I will make easy for you to talk to me about your most sensitive concerns. 

Dr. Deborah Caust

Clinical Sexologist
Licensed Marriage
Family Therapist

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